Your Instructors


Meet Edla

Edla is a co-owner of Blooming Yoga. Edla’s yoga journey began while living in Boston and seeking an outlet for the long hours and demands of her first “corporate” job.  The gym workouts provided occasional relief, but something was missing. She yearned for a form of exercise that would help create balance and engage her soul…and then she discovered yoga. In 1991, Edla graduated as a massage therapist from DoveStar Institute in New Hampshire.  She also completed the Reiki Master program with DeeDee Poullard in October 2015.

Under the expert guidance of Marifer Manns, Edla graduated from the RY-200 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in December 2016 at Blooming Yoga in Prairieville.  Her favorite quote while studying remains with her today…” I have never once regretted a practice, but I have regretted not practicing” (David Swenson).  For Edla, yoga is life.  Her mission is to welcome everyone and anyone to the mat – to the transformational world of yoga and to your own journey for personal growth and wellness.  Come, find yourself, find your life, find your peace on and off the mat.


Meet Cindy

Cindy is a co-owner of Blooming Yoga.  Cindy began practicing yoga in the Fall of 2015.  She quickly learned that yoga can be both rigorous and relaxing, and it became her exercise of choice.  She became a certified and registered yoga instructor in December 2016 after completing a 200-hour teacher training program with Marifer Manns, founder and former owner of Blooming Yoga. The studio is Cindy’s yoga home.  Maintaining and growing its presence in our community is an act of service, an effort to ensure that the studio’s students and the community have access to an ancient practice that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Cindy is also a practicing attorney. As with any career, stress is inevitable.  Cindy manages stress and her health through her yoga practice.  She finds that being in the moment on a yoga mat, focusing solely on posture and breath, brings peace of mind and a deep connection to herself and others. Cindy’s goal is create a space where each person finds a home—a safe place of respect, openness, gratitude, positivity, peace, and no judgment.  Her favorite mantra:  Come home to yourself.


Meet Courtney

Courtney grew up in Gonzales, Louisiana and is excited to share her love for yoga with the community she calls home. Courntney has always been very active and can remember showing off her “wheel pose” as a young child, but she did not start practicing yoga regularly until 2014. Although an active gym member for years, Courtney recognizes that yoga provides something that no other form of fitness has ever shown her: accepting where you are now and being present in the moment. 

Courtney graduated from Nicholls State University and is a registered Dietitian. She believes that nutrition and yoga go hand-in-hand in creating a mindful lifestyle. Courtney graduated from the RY-200 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in December 2016 at Blooming Yoga with Marifer Manns.

One of Courtney’s favorite quotes is from Marifer: “Everyday is a great day full of opportunities for us to practice patience, simplicity and compassion.”  Patience has not previously been one of Courtney’s virtues,but through yoga she has learned to just breathe and be. Courtney’s mission is to create as much happiness and playfulness as possible in class and to help every student reach their edge in a safe way. ​


Meet Heather

 Heather grew up in Saint Amant, Louisiana and is excited to share her love of yoga with the community she calls home. Heather studied under Marifer Manns, founder of Blooming Yoga and received her RY- 200 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification in June 2018. After completing Yoga Teacher Training, Heather joined as one of the owners of Blooming Yoga.

When she began practicing yoga Heather realized it was a much deeper experience than just the asanas. Yoga has cultivated the awareness of Gratitude in every aspect of Heather’s life. She has found that yoga can be healing and therapeutic for the body, mind and soul. She sees yoga as a way of life, not only practiced on the mat, but in every moment of life. Heather believes that we should live as Paramahansa Yogananda shares…“Live each moment completely and the future will take care of itself.  Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each moment.” Yoga helps Heather live by this quote daily and she is passionate in her pursuit to help others do the same.


Meet Andrea

Andrea grew up in Ville Platte, Louisiana and became a certified and registered yoga instructor in June 2018 after completing a 200-hour teacher training program with Marifer Manns, founder and former owner of Blooming Yoga. Andrea began practicing yoga seriously in 2016 after trying it many years ago. 

Andrea has spent most of her adult life as a teacher. She has 20 years of experience teaching community college students which has helped to give her a foundation for teaching yoga. In addition to the physical asanas, she enjoys providing her classes with knowledge of the many other complementary aspects of yoga, such as Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga, yamas, niyamas, and yoga mudras. 

Andrea believes yoga has helped her learn to live in the present moment, not the past and not the future. She also believes that yoga has helped her foster gratitude for every experience, both good and bad, and has helped her appreciate the people in her life. She sees yoga as transformative for both the body and the mind. The one thing that she would like to stress to potential students is that a person does not need to be athletic or flexible or have trendy workout clothes to try yoga. She agrees with Rodney Yee that, “The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.”


Meet Trisha

I grew up in Destehan, LA, and when I was twenty years old, I moved from home and traveled the world as a military spouse and became a mother of three boys. When I lived in North Carolina, I found a passion for yoga. It brought a spiritual reconnection and a way to focus my mind and energy. All I needed to conquer the world was at my yoga mat. I was introduced to yoga by a friend. When I moved to Prairieville, LA, I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I researched and found Blooming Yoga Studio and I knew this was home. I signed up for the yoga teacher training and I have completed my 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance last December through Blooming Yoga.


Meet Mack

  Mack completed the 200-hour teacher training at the Yoga Institute, Houston, TX and is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200 ERYT. Mack was first drawn to yoga in 2006 to seek relief from herniated discs. However, in the first class he discovered a peacefulness, and during that class, a relief, if just for that moment, from anxiety. Yoga has been instrumental ever since in managing anxiety and back pain as well as helping to foster a since of gratitude. Mack feels yoga is truly a coming together of mind, body and spirit.

Mack appreciates many forms of yoga, from yin to ashtanga, and has been influenced by many teachers, including his first two, Susan Kocke and Christine Crest, both graduates of White Lotus. His first introduction to Blooming Yoga was Denise Breaux’s Ashtanga class which created a renewed appreciation for Ashtanga. He also considers others, including Father Bryan Owens, Father Chris Golding, and Deacon Reese of St. Lukes Episcopal Church as his teachers as well. He believes teachers are all around us. One never knows from who, what or where a teaching may come from.


Meet Denise

Denise had her first experience with Yoga in 2005 in her home country of Germany. During a 5 month trip through India she discovered Yoga in its various forms and dimensions and fell in love with it. Since then she has practiced with teachers from different traditions, and Yoga has become part of daily life. She has also completed a Reiki course with one of her Yoga teachers at Kailash Tribal school of Yoga and Holistic Healing in Dharamsala, India. Back in Germany she met her longtime yoga teacher, Gisela Tan, and practiced Iyengar yoga with her for 10 years. Focusing on the correct alignment of an asana by using different kinds of props really enabled her not only to get a better understanding of the asanas but also of her body.Through this practice she was able to experience the various benefits of yoga and realized that gaining more flexibility and strength is only one aspect of practice.

Married to a Louisiana native, Denise has been visiting Louisiana for the past 10 years.   After meeting Marifer Manns she decided to do a yoga teacher training course (YTTC) with her. She completed her 200-Hour YTTC in May 2016 with Yoga Alliance at Blooming Yoga. Denise enjoys teaching ashtanga classes and vinyasa flow classes. Her desire for her class participants is to help them to create awareness, balance and flexibility of their body and minds, and "to become aware of the inner strength and the transforming power that a regular yoga practice develops and nurtures." (John Eeds)


Meet Tiffany

YTT 200